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She may shop from Mango or Zara but if you ever step foot in Sarojini with her, you'll be greeted with nothing but familiar pleasantries from the shopkeepers there.She knows her clothes, her shoes and her bags and she knows how and where to find them.As she straightens her clothing and walks out of the hospital, the woman shudders, knowing full well what lies ahead.The long flight to India, the noisy taxi ride through the crowded Delhi streets to the clinic, and the pain and horror of a late abortion.So if you think about it, Delhi girls are as independent as the culture the city has to offer!Actually, independence runs incestuously within the clout Delhi extensively brags about and women are heavily a part of it.For the hospital sonographer, it's just another routine 20-week ultrasound scan. The anxious-looking Indian woman who has been staring so intently at the monitor, smiles nervously. ' If the sonographer had been a little less tired, she might have noticed the slight hesitation before her patient's reply, the fleeting look of desperate disappointment that crossed her face. 'Oh yes, wonderful news, my husband will be pleased.' But the woman is lying - just as hundreds of other British women of Indian origin do every year.

What her grandmother meant, of course, is that it's an absolute waste of time and money.You will revel in her company and hold her close, like she belongs, just for that moment.If you happen to cross paths with the strong shouldered, politically inclined change maker, you're in luck.One gallant evening with her and you'll know the difference between anti-nationalists and revolutionaries!If you're on a date with a fashionista, you're in for a world of sweet pain. And, contradictory to popular belief, they do have a soul and quite a colourful, fashionable one at that.So, the next time you cringe at your friend for dating a girl from Delhi who dresses to kill, maybe cringe a little less because she's not what you think she is.Kind, passionate, bold, vulnerable yet strong, Delhi girls know how to drive a point home, even if they do it in their 'bha-ya-aaa' attitude.But her husband was adamant; they simply could not afford another daughter.And so, ten days later and despite the fact that abortion on the grounds of gender is technically illegal in India, the life of yet another British Indian baby girl ends on the bloodied operating table of a Delhi abortion clinic before it has even begun. Having carried out extensive research into the subject for my new novel, I'm convinced that scenarios like this are played out regularly in most of Britain's major cities.So, dating a Delhi girl is indeed a thrill, for she will always have a mind of her own, not muddled with city jargon, which defines a woman to be a particular way.You can indeed be nitpicky and choosy when it comes to dating a girl from Delhi.

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