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Micah Sierra Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 2, 1971.

He was raised in Dayton until the age of thirteen when he decided to move to Florida and began working as a street vendor to make ends meet.

Fans still show up in large numbers every time he hits the stage.

Katt Williams performed his first stand-up comedy special, Apart from performing stand-up gigs and acting in movies, Williams decided to try his luck at singing as well.

His Great America Tour in 2017 has met a tremendous response and fans can’t wait for the comedian’s performances in 2018.

Williams will be making a return to the Park Theatre at Monte Carlo Resort coming January.

Behalve brieven schreef Mondriaan ook tientallen artikelen, waarin hij zijn vooruitstrevende ideeën en artistieke idealen verwoordde.

Ze verschenen in avant-gardetijdschriften in Europa en de Verenigde Staten, waaronder De Stijl, ABC Beiträge zum Bauen, Cercle et Carré en Transition.

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