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After the class ended, several teenagers moved to the front of the room to talk to this man.Instead of the traditional handshake, the speaker hugged each of the youth, patted them on the back, and told them how special they were. Many of those leaving the classroom noticed what was happening and came back.By the same token, those who want to join a group of friends will often modify their behavior to conform to the values of the group. Friends have more of an impact on children than parents, seminary, Young Men and Young Women, or where you live. Hinckley taught that youth who are friends “with those of their own kind” tend to “do well and to excel in their endeavors.” He then gave this inspired counsel to parents: “Open your homes to the friends of your children.The old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is usually true. Monson said: “In a survey made in selected wards and stakes of the Church, we learned a most significant fact: those persons whose friends married in the temple usually married in the temple. If you find they have big appetites, close your eyes and let them eat.

The message was well presented, and the youth responded positively.Our society is making tremendous progress when it comes to technology, while the most important unit in society is falling apart. I believe it is the failure to correct our parenting mistakes. Brown said, “Satan’s ultimate goal is to destroy the family.” To stop Satan from succeeding, we must approach the family just as brilliant scientists have approached technology and learn from our mistakes to make progress.For those who seek to improve their parenting and follow counsel from the prophets, great promises are given.In some of these rooms, I have noticed pictures of tattooed and scantily clad movie stars, along with televisions, computers, and teen magazines.In others, I have seen pictures of Christ and temples, with scriptures and journals lying on the nightstand.If you see any change in your child’s countenance, try to get to the bottom of it immediately.#3: Allowing children to associate too closely with friends who do not share their same standards If you want to know what your children are doing, look closely at their friends.Good friends almost always do the same kinds of things because friends are often chosen on the basis of similarities. The influence of one’s friends appeared to be a highly dominant factor—even more so than parental urging, classroom instruction, or proximity to a temple.” Did you catch what he said?TOOELE — Police have arrested a man accused of deliberately backing into his ex-girlfriend's car, running over her new boyfriend.Kelly Andrews, 43, was arrested in Murray on Sunday, about 20 hours after the crash in Tooele.Think of the tremendous progress made in technology just during your lifetime.For example, we now have “smart phones” that are also a camera, GPS, calculator, clock, flashlight, game console, search engine, and much more.

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