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This was the oldest evidence of human occupation anywhere in the UK, until flint tools at least 800,000 years old were discovered further up the coast at Happisburgh in 2010.

Pakefield has boundaries with Carlton Colville and Kirkley, both also districts or suburbs of Lowestoft.

A Twitter post from Greater Anglia said: “Network Rail are working to reopen these lines as soon as possible, which have proven difficult due to inaccessible road condition and severe snow drifts across the tracks.

“There will be no rail replacement buses in place to cover any of the suspended routes.” The train company asked people to use bus services to get to and from Norwich.

Richard Handley, from Lowestoft, died at Ipswich Hospital’s accident and emergency department on November 17, 2012, from complications due to a bowel obstruction.

His mother Sheila Handley told the inquest Richard had suffered with life-long problems with constipation and that it was suspected he had Hirschprungs Disease, a congenital condition that affects around 10% of people with Downs Syndrome.

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An x-ray revealed he had severe constipation requiring surgery to remove 10kg of faecal matter. The inquest also heard from pathologist Dr Jason Wong.

He said at the time of Mr Handley’s death his colon was ‘massively distended’ and had stretched to 18cm in diameter.

A detailed care plan was created, with input from his family, which included regular assessments of Richard’s dietary needs and monitoring of when he went to the toilet, including advice from his family on how to help him to relax.

However, Mrs Handley said the status of the care home changed to ‘supported living’ in 2010 and that, unknown to her and the rest of the family, his care plan was lost and his monitoring slipped.

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