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I’m not sitting in a room and saying, ‘Please give me money because I want it.’ I think about it.” The video was well thought-out and choreographed and had a little element of magic to it, and I think it helped people trust someone who hadn’t made a movie before.

So, was everyone glued to their computers, watching to see if it raised the money? I try to, in general, put on an optimist’s face to cover what’s somewhat of a pessimist.And if she wants to really get to know him, she has to play along.During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Jason Ritter (who plays Gene’s caretaker) talked about how he got involved with the project, the nerves over reading a friend’s script, the aspects of the story that resonated with him the most, why the Kickstarter campaign was so successful, working with Jocelyn Towne as both an actor and a director, being a part of Simon Helberg’s directorial debut We’ll Never Have Paris, and whether he wants to do any directing himself. Was your involvement with this a result of your friendship with Simon Helberg, who’s wife wrote and directed the film?To me, it always made the most sense for musicians who need help producing their album. But that was ,000 or ,000 or ,000 that those people were looking for.They were looking for 0,000, so I wasn’t sure that it would work, but Jocelyn is so smart.I try to protect myself from getting my hopes up for things like that, but I wasn’t going to share with them that I was nervous about that.But then, as it started getting closer and closer to the final day, it started to be a realistic thing.He also talked about what happened with his Fox TV series Us & Them, also starring Alexis Bledel, which Fox just announced it wouldn’t be airing, and his hope that it might be available online, at some point. JASON RITTER: Yeah, that’s basically how it first came around. When a friend gives you a script and asks you to be in their film, do you give them an honest opinion, if you really don’t like it, or do you just go along with it and do it?I’ve been friends with Simon since I was 12, or something like that. They came up to me and told me that Jocelyn has written a script. RITTER: Well, you can try to give notes, or something, to try to help it out. I’ve definitely, and especially in the last couple of years, tried not to just do things as favors. But that’s usually an acquaintance, or someone I’ve known for awhile, or someone I’ve met a couple of times, and not someone this close to me.With all of the promises of gifts and DVDs, and things like that, people were like, “Okay, I see that you’ve reached your goal, but I still want to be a part of this family.” I think Jocelyn also did a good job, after the Kickstarter campaign, with updates to tell people where they were with things.I also was a Kickstarter backer, and I got an email the other day about DVDs coming.

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