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For their part, the men like the sophistication and life success of their older mates, she explains.

I just follow directions given, which puts much less pressure on me.

Society isn't as used to seeing it as we'd like them to be. Man B: Older women know what they want, so I don't have to guess.

Whenever you hear about men dating older women, it's often talked about like it's a way to "mix things up" sexually. In this week's Sex Talk Realness, spoke with three men about what it's like to love sleeping with much older women in a world that tries to make it seem like that's a rarity. I love dating in general, but I feel like older woman just have more to offer.

Rarely do you hear about men who specifically want to sleep with women 15 years older than them as more than just a passing Mrs. They have experience that is more valuable than anything.

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