Men in pantys web chat

I have been to the chat room and found it very pleasant.

soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about itpolarbare954Thank you for making me feel welcome.

Anyone wanting to trade pics and stories message me and I will give you my info I enjoy dressing at home. I have been wearing panties since I was young and my sister used to dress me up as her big doll. what would make this hotter would be if all the men were wearing panties when they fucked me,and somebody video taped the whole thing then sent it to me two years later on my birthday.....

Never been out dressed but would if could pass for a female. I have now been wearing the fulltime for probably 25 years. John Women In Panties I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young!

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I am starting over in life and letting go and taking chances and this time around I am not hiding that I like wearing panties, lingerie, mutual masturbation, video, phone sex and other fantasies... Ive found if u can have her cum and lick her pussy right away she is more willing to let go with her desires and fantasies... A Straight Guy With Panty Fantasy of Two Men Getting Hard On's In Panties Watch Lesbian Porn and J/o Each Other Maybe More.

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