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My father and mother were able to have a good education. It’s not the most rural area you could live in but I would like to encourage women to go back to their gardens and start learning about agriculture, planting their local foods, feeding their family from their own gardens, because that’s where a healthy family and a healthy community is going to come from.

Many people were not able to have the same kind of education that I was exposed to. Its’ all about what you eat and how that translates into your body and mind as well. Every single one of you was brought up by a mother who woke up early in the morning and cooked you breakfast so you could go to school.

I’d like to see it come to fruition and I’d like to see that manifested in this nation with good roads, good health systems and people healthy and eating good foods.

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You have to be a servant; you can’t sit on your high pedestal and say do this, do that and do this.

You need to get down to the grassroots level, humble yourself and listen to what the people want.

That’s where I see myself heading in the future – focusing more on educating women on how to bring up their children and feed them properly. For me, it is a really hurtful thing to see how rich our people are in this country.

We have a nation filled with kings and queens but they don’t even realise it.

Women are still giving birth in difficult situations; the health centres are not as well-equipped as they could be; people are still drinking from rivers.

Meri Toksave (“information for women” loosely translated in Tok Pisin) is currently undergoing an exciting shift with our structure, programs and strategic focus! We were a winner of the Resolution Project Social Venture Challenge at the Harvard World Model United Nations in March 2013 and awarded a Resolution Fellowship.

We were also a Member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network and an Observer of the International NGO Development Council of Papua New Guinea.

My dad has never been afraid to go after what he wants in life and so they were very pivotal in my life.

My husband has been pivotal in my life especially since we had our first son Yavita in 2008.

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