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You have to be a servant; you can’t sit on your high pedestal and say do this, do that and do this.

You need to get down to the grassroots level, humble yourself and listen to what the people want.

You can’t expect to know everything because the people will tell you what they want.

And if you want to be a good leader, you really have to have that servant attitude - you need to go down and serve the people.

To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.My mother and father were very inspirational in my life.Seeing my mother as a New Zealand woman coming and living in Papua New Guinea in the village – always seeing that she was different from everybody else but she was still able to humble herself and be there with everybody.The basic human rights are not being provided for and that’s why I wanted to go into politics because I saw that we need to get materials for the schools, we need to provide rural aid posts with solar power and we need to build proper housing for teachers.It just wasn’t happening so I thought, I’m just like everybody else around here, why don’t I just put my hand up and see what happens.Jennifer Baing Waiko, whose father is from Markham valley and mother is from New Zealand, takes us on a journey back to her roots.Meri Markham follows her journey to stand for the 2012 Markham Open election.He has been a big strength in my life and has been really supportive of whatever plans we have, he has been the backbone to our little family, really kept focused keeping us focused and helped us to look to the future and what we want to see.Through him, knowing about film because he is a film maker, I’ve really learnt a lot about how much film can influence people.I was born in Port Moresby and I grew up in Markham Valley.When I was about four years old we went to my dad’s village and I spent about three years there.

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