Moldavian battle flag dating from stephen the great s time

Dzsa and the other rebel leaders were tortured and executed.After the revolt, the Hungarian nobles enacted laws that condemned the serfs to eternal bondage and increased their work obligations.Stephen rebounded with a victory in 1486 but thereafter confined his efforts to secure Moldavia's independence to the diplomatic arena.Frustrated by vain attempts to unite the West against the Turks, Stephen, on his deathbed, reportedly told his son to submit to the Turks if they offered an honorable suzerainty.Well-armed peasants under Gyrgy Dzsa sacked estates across the country.Despite strength of numbers, however, the peasants were disorganized and suffered a decisive defeat at Timisoara.With the serfs and nobles deeply alienated from each other and jealous magnates challenging the king's power, Hungary was vulnerable to outside aggression.The Ottomans stormed Belgrade in 1521, routed a feeble Hungarian army at Mohcs in 1526, and conquered Buda in 1541.

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In 1514 greedy nobles and an ill-planned crusade sparked a widespread peasant revolt in Hungary and Transylvania.

In 1461 Hamsa Pasha tried to lure Vlad into a trap, but the Walachian prince discovered the deception, captured Hamsa and his men, impaled them on wooden stakes, and abandoned them.

Sultan Mohammed later invaded Walachia and drove Vlad into exile in Hungary.

After these victories, Stephen implored Pope Sixtus IV to forge a Christian alliance against the Turks.

The pope replied with a letter naming Stephen an "Athlete of Christ," but he did not heed Stephen's calls for Christian unity.

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