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Miranda xox Hey Grey, The nominations are in, the speculation is over and I can now announce the presidential candidates are as follows: Frazer Levett Proposer: Milly Esmund Seconders: Jess Lehrter, George Garnett, Leo Petty, Raya Saket.Pup Rusby Proposer: Kerry Bromfield Seconders: Sam Assim, Emily Brooks, Bradley Evenden, Tamsin Brown.The Chair is an independent advisor, in charge of enforcing the constitution of the JCR to make sure the rules are followed.This includes running elections to JCR positions in a fair and equal manner, chairing meetings of the Exec, Finance Comm and the JCR as a whole.The titles Male/Female indicate the sex you will be representing.- You do not need to be part of the current Welfare team in order to run.Frazer Levett: 166 Pup Rusby: 153 David Slade: 249 RON: 6 No one achieves quota and RON is eliminated.

By coming along to the JCR meeting you will receive a raffle ticket which will give you a chance to win one of the following: A bottle of wine - have a drink on us 1 free formal ticket - debts for the ticket will be cancelled when you book on 4 guaranteed spots on burns night - no stressful page refreshing needed Also, for all following JCR meetings if you are not able to make the meeting or don't feel comfortable with putting your hand up to ask, you can pre-submit questions to me up until Sunday .

Male Welfare Officer Steve Tatlow Proposer: Frazer Levett Seconders: Jack Hodges, Camilla Barker, Emma Cottenham Female Welfare Officer Emily Thomas Proposer: Calum Scott Seconders: Ashleigh Torrington, Saskia Rowland, Sarah Sant, Tamsin Brown Aminah Sair Proposer: Alex Myall Seconders: Leo Harris, Conor Pey, Henry Folds, Heather Martin Find their manifestos here You can submit targeted question for any of these candidates along with presidential candidates by emailing me.

This means you will anonymously be able to ask a question directly to an individual candidate as you will not be able to do this in the meeting. You will be able to ask non-targeted questions in the meeting by putting up your hand.

Check out the chair blog under the heading ' Running for a position?

' to find information on how to stand for election and a nomination form to be filled out.

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