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Frazer Levett: 168 Pup Rusby: 154 David Slade: 251 No one achieves quota and Pup Rusby is eliminated.Round 3 There are 565 valid votes giving a quota of 283.

Round 2 There are 573 valid votes giving a quota of 287.Aminah Sair: 208 Emily Thomas: 279 RON: 18 Emily Thomas achieves quota and is duly elected.President Round 1 There are 574 valid votes giving a quota of 288.Please note JCR groups are not permitted to participate in campaigning at all.Miranda xox The next JCR meeting is on Sunday 5th February.Miranda xox Hey Grey, The nominations are in, the speculation is over and I can now announce the presidential candidates are as follows: Frazer Levett Proposer: Milly Esmund Seconders: Jess Lehrter, George Garnett, Leo Petty, Raya Saket.Pup Rusby Proposer: Kerry Bromfield Seconders: Sam Assim, Emily Brooks, Bradley Evenden, Tamsin Brown.You can find their manifestos here Campaign week starts tomorrow and runs until the JCR meeting on Sunday 5th February at .If you don't want to risk losing your favourite candidate valuable votes then please ensure you follow these rules: Dos: - You can express your support for any candidate - You can say who you are going to vote for - You can encourage people to vote - You can make their campaign material on their page your profile picture/cover photo - You can post a link to the voting page Don'ts: - You cannot actively campaign for a candidate - You cannot tell people who to vote for - You cannot post links to a candidate's Facebook page, event or video.Steve Tatlow: 506 RON: 32 Steve Tatlow achieves quota and is duly elected.Female Welfare Officer Round 1 There are 505 valid votes giving a quota of 253.

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