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It's far easier to think about running away from an affliction, than an individual who wrestles with one, and this difficulty is addressed here.

Anticipate and expect that you'll be experiencing some mixed and conflicting and difficult feelings for awhile, once you walk away from this relationship.

If you value your clothes, razor, watch, etc., you must take them before you leave, or be willing to kiss 'em goodbye.

Emotional fallout usually follows, which tests our integrity and the strength of our convictions. This could leave you doubting your perceptions of that relationship after the break-up, and thinking you should return.

Boundary issues typically draw intense media exposure, due to their bizarre or sensationalistic nature.

Headline stories about women or men engaging in self-sabotaging, risky behaviors that put their professional and personal lives in peril, are most often generated by borderline disordered individuals. Are you feeling incredulous or shocked by incidents reported in the news?

Prostate problems, heart conditions, blood disorders, herpes breakouts, migraine headaches, glaucoma and cancer are just a few of the souvenirs guys have retained from these couplings, regardless of how physically powerful they were before they met their BPD tormentor.

One of my ex's married a Borderline--and twelve years later, he was diagnosed with a Parkinson's-type neurological disease.

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