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I put the second solution into model Media.php, the same issue.When i use three seperate UPDATE commands, one for each column, FUNNILY, the first and the third columns get updated, and for some GOD KNOWS WHAT reason, the second column just refuses to change...But still, Paul isn't having any of Terry's shennaigans, "We're talking Newport Beach to here." "I don't have time right now," Paul tries to avoid the topic.PHOTOS: Hollywood Plastic Surgeons Tell All: 42 Stars Who’ve Had Lipo, Lifts, Tucks And More “What we do is extremely serious,” he explains.But last night, as Paul and Helen arrived to The Ivy for dinner, the couple told us they only met 6 weeks ago ...Paul says things are going great -- and despite reports to the contrary, claims Helen was NEVER his nanny or his babysitter.She later found out that John Adams Morgan had cheated on her with her best friend.

would be to set a before Save on your model to set "optional fields to blank or 0 values.

when i use a single UPDATE-SET command(using commas/AND etc etc....

only the first field gets updated, the other 2 remaining as they are.* * Created by Alvin Alexander, */ public class Java Mysql Prepared Statement Update Example Note that this SQL UPDATE query is a little unusual, but not totally uncommon.

It’s not clear if those came totally out of the blue, but apparently she hadn’t quite expected that turn of events.

READ MORE Paul Nassif -- the star of the TV show "Botched" where he corrects gnarly plastic surgeries -- is being sued by a patient who says his eyes won't blink after going under the good doctor's knife.…

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