Online dating when to contact after first date

While its true if a man is interested he will be all over you like a fat kid on a smarties ( in a respectful way) and some men are shy, or just out of a long term relationship/marriage and doesnt understand the dating games or the rules. this very minute.:-P As for me I don't overthink that. In situations where parties are of equal height and no compensation to proprietor of meeting place is offered, then an impartial mediator shall be assigned.He might wait the three days before he calls so he doesnt appear desperate and needy, at the end of the 3rd day if he hasnt called then you have your answer, I would call him the next day and tell it was nice to meet him and just chat and see if he hints, suggests or even comes right out and asks you out . I'd contact the girl next she me, if she beats me to it. You understand that in the time it took to start this thread you could have just called him?Because that is kind of what you are asking "do you think it will be okay with him if I call him? If he goes for it- hey---great, and likely to be a better match. The only obstacles to dating is whatever we allow ourselves to become barriers in our own minds.Or will it be better for him if I allow him to call me? (* eyes crossed*) :)Dating online isn't any different than any other type of dating.After an initial meeting, all you have to do is send him a quick text or a call, letting him know that you are interested in a second date. If you're lucky you'll catch him off guard and make him sweat it.heheh Checking current Texas state law, pursuant to article x chapter 9 subsection a-1 a first meeting for coffee or lunch (as defined by a duration no more than 2 hours and no less than 32 minutes) places burden of immediate future contact upon party/parties that paid no less than .00 (including any gratuity) in compensation to the proprietor of meeting place as defined in subchapter 7.a3.Depends on your philosophy and depends on his, some men like to do the pursing and some men are open to the woman taking intuitive. Then you can get a sense of the others level if interest. In situations where the two parties go "dutch" (as defined in paragraph 18, section 5, under title iv), immediate future contact (to occur in no more than 4 days), burden is placed on the party/parties of greatest height.I for one had completely stopped all communication with a girl I was getting to know because she wouold n-e-v-e-r contact me but did seem to have an interest.So just remember with the women's lib, women have gained an increase “right” to make the first move!

that's the point of courtship, after all: learning about the other.After a first meeting (lunch or coffee), should I contact him next, or wait for him to contact me?My first thought is that if he's interested, he'll contact me.Basically start a relationship based on lies about who you are?Or you want a guy that tells you what is okay for you to do? I tend not to worry about these things, because if he's put off by it, he's not a good match for sounds like you are strongly attracted to this guy and are in 'i'd better not blow it' mode.since you're new to online dating, you have to realize that most people go through initial explorations with numerous people before (and if) they find someone to connect with.If he doesn't contact me, I figure he's not interested & I move on. I usually make a contact when I get home from a first meet.The problem is he could be thinking the exact same thing. I never appear as desperate because I am far from it. I call to thank him for his hospitality and usually the man treats so I thank him for the coffee or whatever.Why would you sit on your duff and wait for the other person to call you?Then we have two people sitting on their duffs wondering "Why didn't the other person call? If they're not interested after you call, onward and upward, no harm, no foul. After a first meeting (lunch or coffee), should I contact him next, or wait for him to contact me?

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