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Performances are: May 3 at a, all tickets and May 4th at pm, May 5th at pm and May 6th at pm, tickets are adult, and children under 13....

View event details Travel down the rabbit hole and join Alice, one of literature’s most beloved heroines, in her madcap adventures.

By The Goddard School • April 9th, 2018 In this busy world, there seem to be fewer and fewer times when a family has the opportunity to assemble all in one place.

When a Mom has to work as well as take care of the kinds, these times seem to be even harder to come by.

You can come up with some way to incorporate this into Family Night.

Create the puzzles yourself, and then make the kids work together. The Family That Cooks Together It can be a lot of fun to have everyone in the kitchen pitching in together for a family meal.

You can always fall back on things like movies or board games, but why not come up with something different than the usual?

That will make them crave Family Night instead of dreading it.

So this year, we are holding a Pizza Party and Focus Group to ask parents in the Upper Valley what sorts of events and activities they...

View event details Kids and their favorite adults actively explore and learn about the habitats of Odiorne Point State Park together in this weekly outdoor program.

Adventures are designed to inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder, and to empower and build a child’s confidence as a young scientist and naturalist.

If you’re looking for a new location for Family Night because your old residence doesn’t cut it anymore, there are new homes for sale for just about every budget that will meet your family’s needs.

Once you get there, consider these activities with your kids to make it a night they won’t forget.

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