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The sample XML request document that I will create an XSD schema from: Now I have created the data contract part of the WSDL and generated the data binding classes used to parse the Java object to XML. You don’t need to create a WSDL file with Spring WS.

The WSDL file is generated from one or more XSD schemas and some few Spring configuration beans. The request element must end with Request and the response element must end with Response. The WSDL operation will be the element names except the Request/Response part.

The server implementation only has dependencies to the JAXB generated request and response classes. The implementation class must have the Spring @Endpoint annotation above the class name and the @Payload Root annotation above the method that will handle the web service request.

Spring WS finds the implementing method of a WSDL operation with annotations on the service class. The implementation returns the same response every time except if the account number starts with 9. The @Payload Root annotation must know the XSD schema namespace and the name of the request element specified in the XSD schema.

With a normal application, the file should also contain these two elements: The file in this tutorial is just a dummy file with none Spring beans.

xmlns=" xmlns:xsi=" xsi:schema Location=" version="2.4" xmlns=" xmlns:xsi=" xmlns:oxm=" xmlns:context=" xsi:schema Location=" Spring WS is a lightweight web service alternative that takes care of the WSDL for you.

See the highlighted lines in this stub implementation: If something unexpected occurs on the server, it’s best practice with modern programming languages to throw exceptions.

The SOAP specification supports SOAP faults and with a framework like Spring WS, these SOAP faults are converted into runtime exceptions of type Soap Fault Exception.

Below is a stacktrace printed from a caught Soap Fault Client Exception on the client-side: org.soap.client.

Soap Fault Client Exception: Account number 9998765432 not valid. Soap Fault Message Resolver.resolve Fault(Soap Fault Message at org.

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