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If you’re interested, see the reference documentation for more information about the mapping alternative.

The @Soap Fault annotation below helps the exception resolver to convert the exception to a Soap Fault.

The focus area is how to configure and use Spring WS.

Details about how to create an XSD schema and JAXB classes are explained in this tutorial.

Web Service And Receive(Web Service at org.

Web Service Template.marshal Send And Receive(Web Service ....

Ant the Fault Code enum will be mapped to a fault-code element.

A good web service client framework should convert a SOAP fault element to an exception and throw it to the client as a runtime exception.

Web Service Send And Receive(Web Service at org.

It’s just to add an interceptor in the configuration. You can specify a full URI, but since the dispatcher servlet already knows the application’s URI, it’s sufficient to only add the relative URI.

The WSDL definition Spring bean used in this tutorial: The URL to the WSDL file can be found with this pattern: URL to the servlet Default Wsdl11Definition bean name

Here is the generated WSDL operation: The server code isn’t aware of the WSDL.

This is a different approach than for example CXF that generates an interface your implementation must implement.

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