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The speaker needs to make a strong argument for or against the topic and persuade the audience about the same. But, your topic should be fresh (usually the current issue) and arouse interest of your audience.

Secondly, the topic should be of your interest so that you can speak passionately and convincingly about it.

Now, if you have chosen this speech topic, you will need to chalk out your points and have a detailed outline. You can take either of the viewpoint and persuade your audience for the same.

Persuasive Speeches by Famous People You may also come across persuasive monologues or speeches in movies.

Persuasive Speech Example – Do social networking sites do more harm than good?

Here is an example of a Free Persuasive Speech Topic sent in by Matteo Berto.

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Another story is that of a suicide because a person couldn’t meet up with another person on another social networking site.I have solid evidence to support my statement and so I would like to start with a true story concerning Facebook – a popular social networking site.Not too long ago, a girl in her teens made a friend on Facebook – a chat buddy.Do we want our youths to have their eyes glued to computer screens or their ears plugged to headphones?We must restrict social networking sites to 16s or above!For e.g., Smoking / alcoholism is bad is a very obvious statement which does not have 2 contradicting viewpoints. On the other hand, take one topic mentioned above, say, 'Will life in the next century be better?, then you can have two answers, Yes, life can be better..., or No, life will not be better.....Ladies, gentlemen, there has recently been a debate as to whether social networking sites do more harm than good.Personally, I believe social networking sites are harmful and do have consequences.Persuasive Speech Outline Example Apart from the aforementioned ones, topics like recycling, use of cell phones, on smoking, drinking and driving, voting rights, use of uniforms in schools, etc., are some of the common and contemporary issues for students.Now, another tip to consider is to look for a topic that does not have an obvious viewpoint.

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