Pitfalls of dating married men

GPT is pronounced in French as “J’ai pété” or “I've farted”. Life Fitness is a maker of exercise equipment, bikes, ski machines etc. I was walking around the exercise room to stretch my legs after some strenuous biking when I first noticed it. Now, for those of you that don't know, the American military, when there was a draft, had a rating for recruits.If you were “1A”, you were healthy and fit for duty. I was visiting Bangalore, India when the local news (for example, rediff india) was widely reporting the legal consequences of a marketing mistake by Pepsi.So, "morning latte" is when you wake up in the morning with an erection!

See: True Incidents and Japanese For "That Poor Woman".I suspect reality lies somewhere in between total truth and total falsehood.Acknowledgements: Some of the original sources are credited here."An experienced journalist like yourself," Yeltsin said, "should express himself in a more civilized fashion.But this may be the translator's fault, and if so, he is the hippopotamus!The quote stated: "Syria is a country that has been a bastard state for nearly 40 years" but should have read "Syria is a country that has been a Baathist state for nearly 40 years." The Australian's editorial staff then drowned their sorrows at the local pub with several "Suffering Baathists". Many folks like to head to Starbucks or other coffee shops to take early morning latte breaks...My thanks to Rick C for his pointer to Samizdata's blog report for this item. In Germany, Latte is a well known word for an erection.“4F” is the code for those that are physically unfit and unacceptable to the army. Pepsi is being sued in a Hyderabad, India city court in a public interest litigation for glorifying child labor in a television ad.So “4F” was a rather inappropriate logo for a health fitness machine. Most Danes can easily translate "water" to the danish word "vand". In the ad, the Indian cricket team is in a celebratory huddle when a young boy serves them Pepsi.More recently, in 1999, they changed indian red to chestnut.The color was not named after Native Americans, it was actually named for a special pigment that came from India.

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