Pl sql trigger inserting deleting updating

SEFF_TRAN_SUID' 6/18 PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'OLD.SEFF_COMP_SUID' 6/39 PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'OLD.SEFF_COMP_SUID' 9/39 PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEW.

Since the update can't ever update anything, the insert will fire and create a new row.

SEFF_TRAN_SUID' SQL create or replace trigger trg_stk_upd_pur 2 after insert or update or delete on i_purchase_h 3 REFERENCING NEW AS new OLD AS old 4 FOR EACH ROW 5 begin 6 if updating then 7 prc_stk_upd_pur(:old.pih_company_suid, :old.pih_area_suid, :old.pih_suid); 8 9 elsif deleting then 10 prc_stk_upd_pur(:old.pih_company_suid, :old.pih_area_suid, :old.pih_suid); 11 12 elsif inserting then 13 prc_stk_upd_pur(:new.pih_company_suid, :new.pih_area_suid, :new.pih_suid); 14 15 end if; 16 end; 17 / Trigger created.

Asked: October 18, 2004 - am UTC Answered by: Tom Kyte - Last updated: December 20, 2006 - am UTC Category: Database - Version: 9i R2 Viewed 10K times! CZ merge into dt a 2 using (select 2 code, 22 dt_desc from dual) b 3 on (a.code=b.code) 4 when matched then 5 update set a.dt_desc=b.dt_desc 6 when not matched then 7 insert(code,dt_desc) values (b.code,b.dt_desc) 8 / BIS fired BUS fired BUR fired AUR fired AUS fired AIS fired -- One row was updated.

Indeed this is discussed at length all over the internet.

In short I am confident that merge behaves just like Oracle wants it to.

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