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If you see one of those bubbles with a birthday cake in it, simply tap on it and you'll age them to the next step up. Jokes aside, it might be best not to rush it as you can then play through the baby event several times and give it multiple levels of the Good Upbringing trait that will help them later in life.

There doesn't seem to be any time-related rhyme or reason to when the birthday cake might appear, and anecdotally, some players have reported being able to age babies into toddlers within a day of them being born. The strongest argument for having a baby is that it can grow up to be a fully playable adult Sim, eventually replacing the one you had to start the game. , including tons of tips and hints to aspects of the game that don't revolve around dating, relationships and having children, be sure to check out our general guide that fills you in on how to get the most out of it without sinking in a bunch of money.

Your introduction doesn't limit you in any permanent way, either.

If you have a Sim who's a friend and think you might want to take things to the next level, simply scroll all the way down in the interaction list to 'More Options' and you can switch over to Flirty overtures if you wish.

Choosing this option immediately opens up the 'First Date at the Cafe' event, which is the start of where all the magic happens.

Before anyone asks, yes, the game allows you to make Flirty intros and have romantic relationships with Sims of either gender.

You'll notice when caring for a baby that after a while, they start to have their own thought bubbles just like adult Sims.

On top of that, the baby will offer up hour-long events every so often that you play through the same way you do when socializing with adults, except that it takes fewer actions to speed through them if that's what you want to do.

You'll also need to place them somewhere in your house or its surrounding lawn.

From there, the Wedding Arch will allow you to start the wedding event.

You're also still able to go on dates and pursue relationship stories with Sims other than your wife, because monogamy is apparently a construct only for us flesh and blood types.

Upon reaching level 11, you'll unlock the ability to have babies.

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