Plesk stats not updating Adult chat with hot men

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling awstats within plesk which didnt help.

Also adding new domains will have above errors Also Please check the below Links: ==

If not you can contact your hosting provider or Plesk support team (via forums or helpdesk).If you have a lot of websites in a single c Panel, we recommend using Google Analytics or another third-party statistics solution as an alternative.You can specify an IP address which you do not want logged in AWStats to keep your own page visits from being counted.Found this on another forum; /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics –calculate-one –domain-name=DOMAIN. Also, since the stats run in a cron at night - you should be able to find the full path to the update script in one of your cronjobs.# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics --calculate-one --domain-name=Yes above command is correct to update the statistics of particular domain on plesk server.COM The path may be different on your machine - but it's a start. Below command to update the statistics for all the domains on the server.If you have other OS - you can't install these PHP versions. Anyway try to do it in CLI with plesk sbin autoinstaller --select-product-id plesk --select-release-current --install-component php5.6 Also make sure that you have installed all latest Plesk microupdates (MU#60 is last). His creation of 2channel in 1999 sparked an era of anonymous-centric web culture in Japan that led to the creation of Futaba Channel, the site that inspired 4chan.None of us would be using 4chan today—or potentially anonymous image board—if it weren't for him. My current PHP version is showing as 5.3.3 and even though I've installed (I think) newer PHP versions in the 'Install/Update Components' section of the panel the PHP version doesn't seem to change and I can't change the version.I'm trying to install the new version of Magento to one of my sites and it won't install without at least PHP 5.4. Is there a place within the panel where I can simply 'switch on' the newer version of PHP?

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