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Nevertheless, it is now 2017, and Queen Latifah is still in the closet.

It is understandable why she would not want to come out earlier, as being a homosexual/bisexual black woman in American show business has not been that easy back then.

2007 - Present Queen Latifah has been rumored to be dating her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins since 2007, but she never commented on the subject.

American show business is full of fascinating personalities that lead very interesting and full lives.

They probed her and asked her uncomfortable questions, and, in turn, the actress gave them vague and uncertain answers. Over the years, she actively participated in the life of LGBTQ community, be it by ordaining same-sex marriages, headlining a pride festival or starring as the bisexual legend of blues Bessie Smith.

After all, she could have just said she was straight and be done with it.The first rumoured girlfriend that appeared in the media was Jeanette Jenkins, who used to be Latifah’s personal trainer.The rumours about them started flying around back in 2007, when the two started appearing together at various red carpet events.If you would like to see the full list of her roles, albums and awards, click here.If we were to tell you every little detail about Queen Latifah’s life, this article would have been at least three times as long.Translated to English, the name Latifah means ‘very kind’ and ‘delicate’.During her high school years, Latifah became interested in music and music theatre.For years, decades even, people have been speculating on the topic of Queen Latifah’s sexuality and personal life. Ever since her appearance in the movie Set It Off back in 1996, where Queen played a very masculine lesbian, many viewers started wondering whose team she was on.She played her role so convincingly that many thought the actress herself was gay.Queen Latifah was born as Dana Elaine Owens on March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.Her mother Rita worked as a teacher at the Irvington High School (which Latifah later attended). When she was eight years old, she discovered her pseudonym Latifah in a book full of Arabic names.

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