Red flag dating

She was probably the only one listening to the broadcast anyway.

Let’s just say it’s humbling to admit that you have horrible taste in men. “Sometimes, that just happens.” But I knew the truth. After picking up a copy of , I had become enchanted with the concept of story and personal narrative.

Yellow lights are warning signs, telling you to slow down and prepare for what is coming up ahead.

When you’re faced with a yellow light, you have to make a decision.

Most of all, I’ve learned that healthy relationships don’t actually start with a mental wish list of what you want in another person—or even calling out red flags in their life when you see them.

It starts with taking a good, hard look at yourself, your own sin and your Savior.

Often the issues we run away from are the ones we fear the most. Ask yourself if you’re in a healthy situation or not.

Unfortunately, the Bible only has so many pages, and there are many life issues it’s silent on altogether. There’s nothing wrong with climbing up in God’s lap and asking Him questions. As you see the signs to proceed with caution, seek the Lord.

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If something in your relationship is making you uncomfortable, investigate why.

Instead of just running away, look at it in the face.

“So, why did you think it was a good idea to date him in the first place? It was the day after Valentine’s Day, and I was on national radio, talking about my less-than-stellar love life. I had a feeling that anything I would say would somehow be used against me, not in a court of law, but at some family gathering in the future.

I could just imagine my grandmother shaking her head.

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