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God’s perceived failure took various forms, most of which fall under the general heading of “unanswered prayers.” One way that people felt that God had failed them happened when He did not respond to requests for help during difficult times. ” His answer: “Too damn many.” Still others sought a tangible sign of God’s presence.

A young man raised in a Baptist church epitomized this feeling of failure when he wrote about God not answering his prayers about family difficulties. A former Pentecostal exclaimed: “There were many nights while in bed I would ask God to show me the truth, or give me some type of sign to show that he or she existed. So I would just go on with my life having doubts.” Likewise, a former Baptist missionary wrote: “I’ve begged God to show himself to me and put an end to my inner torture.

Think of how quickly we lambaste those in religious or political authority who fall short. Having such an unrealistic expectation pushes the newcomer to pose the question: "If they're sober, why are they still jerks? Here is another fact: Many recovering addicts do not actually practice the program as they claim to.

This is true for many who claim religious propriety (remember that guy with the religious bumper sticker driving selfishly or flashing a nasty gesture).

I was 13 & my mother & father [were] getting a divorce. I prayed to God but nothing fails like prayers.” Likewise, a woman raised in a Methodist household described her In a variation of this theme, some deconverts lamented God’s inactivity amidst spiritual difficulties. This theory describes humans as judging the value of relationships in terms of costs and benefits. Many newcomers wonder how long-time members can make these claims when sober members are still acting out. One such expectation: Sobriety will resolve all the issues that addiction has caused.Initially, newcomers see hope in what long-time members offer. I can do the same [i.e., turn his back on God].” Based on this explanation for deconversion, Christians pastors and other leaders would do well to teach periodically on how to handle disappointment with a family oriented group of clean and sober bikers whose primary goal is to have fun and share the clean and sober biker lifestyle. However, the influence of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and a Higher Power is strong within Sober Bikers United Inc. does not endorse one recovery program, religion or religious denomination as superior to another.A man in his forties, a former elder at a charismatic church, wrote: “In my own life, no matter how much I submitted to ‘God’ and prayed in faith, ‘sin’ never seemed to leave me. One variation of social exchange theory, termed equity theory, holds that people are satisfied with their relationships when they get the rewards that they feel are proportional to the costs that they bear. Well, what’s the point of being ‘saved’ if you aren’t delivered from ‘sin’? An inequitable is unstable, and it usually occurs because a person thinks they receive too little for how much they give. The writers did so much for God – praying, attending church, following God – but God did not do enough in return. There are no gender, race, or recovery program requirements for membership. The only requirement for membership is that you live and/or support a clean and sober biker lifestyle and like motorcycles. The membership body offers fellowship to motorcyclists in recovery from drug and or alcohol abuse. Members are encouraged to take whatever steps necessary for them to live a clean, sober and legal lifestyle. is to be self supporting via events hosted, dues paid and sales of Sober Bikers United Inc. We may accept unsolicited contributions as long as there are no requirements or conditions imposed upon Sober Bikers United Inc.

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