Rise of online dating

"Instead I found more than 500.""Charlotteh" was started two years ago by Pam - who, like John, doesn't want her last name used.

She discovered she had herpes, and dating had become difficult."I'm 27, working on a Ph.

From what I have read, at least in the US, marriage is being undertaken at a later age.

(Watch how daunting dating can be for those with STDs )"I went on Craig's List and posted a note that said, 'I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I'm a decent professional man, and I've ended up with this.' Someone then contacted me and said, 'Have you heard of Charlotteh?

"It's confusing, because you don't know when the right time is to tell somebody.

Should you be up front and get it over with or wait until the person develops feelings for you?

Jennifer joined atlantahclub.com, another site for people with herpes.

These sites immediately take several questions off the table.

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