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Feeds are often used by blogs, but more traditional websites can make any content available in this format.When you subscribe to a site's feed link, your feed reader (for example, Thunderbird) automatically checks the location and downloads the articles to local folders. Use your web browser to open a website that you want to subscribe to.When you use Thunderbird to handle your feeds, you can use the same presentation and tools (archiving, filters, search, etc.) that you are familiar with from managing your email messages. Your new account will now appear in Thunderbird's folder pane. Most media sites and blogs that are regularly updated have feeds. Look for a familiar RSS icon or text link on the site.On most sites the link appears at the bottom or on the side of the home page. Right-click on the RSS link and copy the link’s address.) NOTE: Moving or removing a feed subscription from a folder will not affect already downloaded articles in any way.If you remove a feed url subscription, the currently active items list is also cleaned up.As a result, tags will appear in the message header and work with the Quick Filter and Message Filters and Searches tag rules. If you have a list of feed urls exported in the OPML format to a file, perhaps from another feed reader, you may Import them using Q: Why are feed messages sometimes duplicated?A: Feed messages with identical content but different unique ids are not detected as duplicates. Q: When viewing a feed web page, why does a browser sometimes open or a random page sometimes load in the browser?

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Deleting a folder or moving it to trash automatically unsubscribes all feeds from the folder.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds were popular in for several years and Yahoo included RSS feeds in Yahoo! However, this function was removed from Yahoo Mail and is limited in the redesigned My Yahoo that debuted in 2014.

When Yahoo Mail supported RSS feeds, they created folders for them in the email system where new feeds would arrive as they were published, much like email.

NOTE: Thunderbird will validate new feed urls and let you check for correct protocol syntax in an existing feed.

For already added feeds, click the Validate link in the Feed Subscriptions dialog.

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