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Points will be awarded for various things, for example :- 25.

NATALIE WHITE – SAMOA The most maligned of all Survivor winners due to her shocking (SHOCKING) defeat of Russell Hantz last year.

FINAL SCORE : 6-3-0 (SLAYING the aforementioned Dragon Slayer and hilariously emasculating hunky Dating Coach Albert). TODD HERZOG – CHINA Everyone’s favourite little Mormon Munchkin played an impressive game in China, leading a band of motley misfits including snarky waitess Courtney and Wahh-nah Montana the Nature Guide all the way to the end without ever appearing a threat.

Using his slight frame and impish nature to his advantage, he cruised through to the finals without ever once losing control of the game.

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The actress was so scared that she escaped out of her bedroom window and later fled her home city.

Police were called and her father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, were arrested and charged with making threats to kill her.

Survivor is often talked about akin to a game of human chess and never has in been more evident in Spradlin’s seemingly effortless victory. Anyone you think is undervalued (or, indeed, over)? And compare how the rankings have changed over the years HERE.

We could go on all night (it’s already pm), but you can listen for yourself HERE. Forging some of the strongest individual bonds the game has ever seen; Being smart enough to know the right people to bring to the end (and cannily defying the conventional logic of just dragging two goats) in order to guarantee a win; Annihilating the challenges; Never once losing her cool.

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