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Nikki ends their relationship, and calls Ross and asks him to take her to a bus station so she can go back to Las Vegas, which Ross does, leaving April still tied to the bed.While Ross and Nikki are out, Frisbee is coerced by the cops to wear a wire and buy some meth from Spider Mike so that they can arrest him.Once the Cook makes bail, he calls Ross asking for a ride to another dealer's house in the city, which Ross agrees to do so that he can see Amy, who also lives in the city.The dealer provides the Cook with cash, some meth, and the equipment to start a new lab.The Supercar-Star of the Spielberg film 'Minority Report' achieves an impressive 0-60 in 4.5 secs and has a top speed of 90 mph. The mainstream motoring media give it near- rave reviews ... Real, long-range EV's available/'test-able' in the US - of course unheard of in the UK/Europe:* The Sunrise is So good - no major carmaker will touch it ... see Hotwire."You Can Tell World Leaders by their Cars" - see Hotwire "Lisa for President?!

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The film received mixed reactions, with some analysts remarking that the film added nothing new to the genre of drug movies.

" How's about an electric MCC Smart Roadster, "Smart Tridion", PT Cruiser, Ford Street Ka (e-Street Ka? (Attempts will no doubt be made to ban this option on "safety" grounds). Not 'FAQs' but 'FMCs': Frequently Made Comments such as "cars are cleaner today"..."hybrids and fuel cells are the future" "the social cost of a car-based society" etc. Our Hotlinks selection including: EV World Electrifying Times Driving The Future ...

electric dragsters, motorbikes, e-scooters, superfast electric go-karts, police on electric mountainbikes etc. Indeed Exxon, Toyota and GM have since 1998 been openly conspiring - sorry "collaborating" - to ensure that we actually continue to use petrol(! 2) fuel cell vehicles powered by 'home brew', DIY hydrogen - ideally stored as liquid for real range. POWERSHIFT grant will subsidise cost of long-range EV's - if you can get hold of one!

Back at his apartment, Ross gets messages from his mother and his former girlfriend, Amy, wishing him a happy birthday.

Ross, assuming that Amy still loves him, sporadically calls her and leaves messages on her answering machine.

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