Sedating cat air travel

Allergies last months during which pollen rains down on us versus a week of cold symptoms while your body's immune system eradicates the cold virus.

Environmental allergy symptoms, except those associated with a severe allergy to a food like peanuts or to medications such as penicillin or sulfa drugs, tend to be milder than those due to infection.

Additionally, any charges related to the care of your pet while in quarantine or the potential cost of returning your pet to where its journey began are your responsibility.

If your pet's flight stops in a number of countries, you must satisfy the entry requirements for each country.

Following the regulations below will help us ensure that the furry members of your family arrive safely.

" The most common dilemma along this line is whether the nasal symptoms you're experiencing are due to allergy or due to a common cold.In the event your pet does not travel on its booked flight due to circumstances within our control, American Airlines will refund 100% of the freight charges, provided they are dropped off within required time limits and have met all required documentation.No refund will be paid if the delay was caused by weather conditions, mechanical problems, termination, diversion, postponement or delay of any flight because of force majeure, strikes, riots, civil commotion, international conditions, any governmental regulations, order demand or requirement, shortage of labor, fuel facilities, or labor difficulties or for any other reason beyond American Airlines control.Let's look at the differences: Allergies typically begin in association with exposure to an identifiable environmental trigger.In the spring, that trigger is typically grass or tree pollen, and in the autumn the trigger is weed pollen or mold.Chances are good that you or a member of your family is an environmental allergy sufferer who sneezes or wheezes either seasonally or all year round.The good news is that, over the years, more and more medications that doctors prescribe to treat these allergies can be purchased without a prescription.Due to heavy holiday travel, there is limited space available in the cargo hold.A seasonal embargo of all pets travelling as cargo will be in effect from December 15 to January 6 (inclusive).West Jet Cargo assumes no responsibility for inaccurate or incomplete documentation.For specific pet import and export regulations, vaccination and documentation requirements, contact the consulate or embassy of the countries your pet will be entering on their journey.

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