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Oak Park, IL 60302 Get hands on experience assessing soil structure and soil composition and learn how to sample soil to send to a lab.We will dig a hole on the Compound Yellow grounds and use it as a point of exploration and sampling.…At Work with Thomas Kong Saturday, July 22, 4-6 PM Booklet release for “At Work with Thomas Kong” by Dan Miller with Illustrations by Ruby T, published by Half Letter Press Dan Miller and Ruby T in conversation with writer and curator Kate Sierzputowski, preceded by a screening of a short film on Thomas Kong…Join Marc Fischer from Temporary Services for a show and tell devoted to underground, artistic, unusual, anti-authoritarian, critical, and chaotic publications from Mexico.When you’re diving on your own it’s important somebody knows where you are. I always let my best friend know the location of the date, the time and his name. Then depending on the depth of the dive site, your SAC rate and the dive site conditions you can make a detailed plan determining the length of your dive and your location on the dive site at all times.My third dive I managed to easily execute my dive plan,including navigation.

A passionate photographer, or a travelling diver for example.

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It requires math and formulas, but nothing too rocket sciency!

The final dive was the next day and it was my responsibility to make a dive plan. First of all, the location where you’re going has to be suitable for diving on your own.

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