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They require information about birthday, birthplace, nationality, passport number, visa, how long you're allowed to stay in Serbia, when and where you entered the country, adress where you stay.

REGISTRATION OF FOREIGNERS Serbian organizations and individuals providing accommodation to foreigners against payment, as well as locals hosting visiting foreigners, must register the foreigner’s stay with the local police station within 24 hours of the commencement of the accommodation arrangement, or of the foreign visitor’s arrival.

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In special cases, usually to prevent money laundering, the cashier will reserve the right to pay the player’s withdrawal via another method even if the player requested otherwise.

Withdrawal requests to credit cards which are not refundable will be either issued to an e-wallet of player’s choice or via Wire Transfer or Bank Draft.

A foreigner not using official accommodation nor staying with a private individual must register his or her stay and change of address with the local police station within 24 hours of arriving at the place of residency or of the change of address.

A place of residency is where a foreigner intends to stay for more than 24 hours.

If the deposit method account does not support a refund, or if the refund is not possible for whatever reason, withdrawals will be paid to the player via any payment method used by a player to deposit in Babe Casino in the past.So the way I read it is that any place you stay you or the person/organization providing you with accommodation in Serbia will have to register with local police within 24 hours if your stay at that location is longer then 24 hours.So with that in mind: Airlines will not provide you with registration unless they let you stay on their property in Serbia.Also, during the stay in Serbia, we made a car trip into Croatia for a few days, and returned to Belgrade by car.No one asked to see the proof when crossing from Serbia into Croatia, so we did not re-register upon returning to Serbia.Also we will keep an eye on your game, and if you are active we will include you into our draw to win VIP GP Races Hospitality trip to Monte Carlo and other races worldwide. Registration is simple and depositing takes few clicks.Once you are all set, you can play as hard as you want! Why should I specify my personal data when making a deposit? Your name, last name, address, passport number, country and other * marked fields are required to make sure you can freely and safely deposit, play and withdraw money from your account. We comply to strict rules and procedures of Anti-money laundering latest legislation.In this case all processing fees are player’s responsibility.Due to restrictions of the payment processor the minimum withdrawal amount processed via international Wire Transfer is 500 €/$ or equivalent in other currencies.If you do not register you may also have difficulty with the airport police when you try to leave the country.If you are staying in a hotel or other public place such as a hostel, motel, or private campground, it is customary for property management to register you with the police I also found a registration form, but as you can see, it's only in serbian, french and russian.

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