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Demetrius and his mother are moving to a new town, as their community has ostracized them.

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Data indicate that youth with prior adjudicated sexual offenses are at no more risk for sexual reoffending than other delinquent youth, and, thus, there is no empirical or rational need to implement burdensome and toxic registration requirements for these youth.Such policies mandate that youth age 14 or older who were convicted of a sexual offense (meeting certain criteria) keep up registration that can span several years to a lifetime.While the development of SORN was (and often is) believed to make communities safer, it not only fails to do so, but can also ruin individuals’ lives.Police personnel may request to view and copy video images captured by your camera to assist in the investigation of a crime.The goal of the Buffalo Safe Cam program is to promote public safety in collaboration between the Buffalo Police Department and the citizens of Buffalo.Consider the case of Demetrius (name changed for confidentiality), who grew up in a rural area of a Southern state and was the star of his high school football and basketball teams. When her parents found out they had consensual sex, a rape charge was filed.Demetrius was sentenced to a juvenile correctional facility for sex offender treatment and was sentenced to lifetime sex offender registration.One day at school, Will’s teacher confiscated his cellphone and found the images.Will was charged with possession of child pornography, was mandated to attend sex offender-specific treatment and was required to register as a sex offender.Second, if we hope to reduce sexual offending, focusing on preventative treatment efforts like those described in Dr.Elizabeth Letourneau’s in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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