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It must be in the genes because I now have a MS in Civil Engineering like my father." "Dad worked very hard to establish his company as the premier civil engineering firm.

After I graduated university, he invited me to join his firm as a full partner.

He did rub his hand on my inner thigh and tweaked my right nipple, but that was all until we closed the garage door. When I was done I asked him to tell me more about his life. Remember I told you how my mother passed, well my Dad never remarried until two years ago.

He devoted himself to raising me and to his business.

My family is very education conscious and most of us have advanced degrees. Every Teacher's Conference would be attended by both of us and if my teacher thought I needed to apply more effort to a subject, my dad was right there to tutor me.

I gave him head for a few more minutes before he lifted me up onto the bed and we went sixty-nine.

He licked my inner thighs always bypassing my pussy.

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