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Over the next few years we are hoping to really expand our volunteer base and get many more people out there and trained to look for martens through scat surveys, camera traps and den box surveys.Some of our volunteers have gone above and beyond their normal volunteering by helping us with our camera traps.Cameras are a great way to keep track of the animals once they have had their collars removed, and having volunteers tasked with checking their 'local' martens camera every week has been an enormous help.New this year: Wildlife Worldwide are delighted to be sponsoring the Habitat category in the BWPA and will provide the lucky winner with a place on one of their dedicated wildlife photography tours full details of the prize to be announced soon.CJS is delighted to be sponsoring the Botanical Britain category once again.They then report back if and when they have a marten come to their camera and we can ID it for them.This will help us widen the area that we can be surveying for our now collarless animals.Between September and October, twelve martens were selected for release in Wales, bringing the total number of animals translocated since 2015 to 51.For decades, The Vincent Wildlife, a mammal conservation charity, has been studying pine martens in Britain, looking for evidence of their survival.Under the leadership of Dr Jenny Macpherson, and after much careful research and planning, together with regular engagement with the local community, the Trust began a programme to restore this native mammal to Wales by bringing martens from Scotland to bolster any local relict marten population. Today, in mid-Wales, we once again have a breeding pine marten population.The Trust carefully selected suitable areas of habitat, and each autumn released a number of animals and then monitored them daily using radio-tracking technology.

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