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We take note of this pattern when the animal is under anaesthetic as part of the translocation process so we can then compare it to later footage.

We then use a simple bit of kit called a 'jiggler' (a long piece of flexible wire with a tea infuser filled with peanut butter at the end that the martens 'meerkat' up towards). The peanut butter can sometimes attract unwanted visitors though who can cause havoc by running off with the tea strainer.

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Cameras are a great way to keep track of the animals once they have had their collars removed, and having volunteers tasked with checking their 'local' martens camera every week has been an enormous help.

The next edition of CJS Focus will be looking at Greenspace in association with Fields in Trust.

The deadline for advertising is 11 May but we're accepting adverts now.

They then report back if and when they have a marten come to their camera and we can ID it for them.

This will help us widen the area that we can be surveying for our now collarless animals.

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