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The fuller (bluer) the bar is, the closer you are to completing that chapter.• There’s also another progress bar on the map page but that one lets you know how far you are from completing the game.You can also see the name of your location by clicking on one of the coins.The name of the location will appear at the bottom of the page.

• In order to make the walkthrough easier to follow, I decided to highlight certain sections in the guide so that key words stand out above the rest.

• You will need to find all the amulets at the scene so you can use them at the end of the game.

• When you see a red flag over the map area it means that you found all the gems in that section.

• RED-When you see an item that is highlighted in red, it means that that item was a piece that was taken from your inventory.

• BLUE-Any item that is highlighted in blue is an item that belongs in a hotspot somewhere in the scene.

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