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• You can tell how many question marks you found by looking on the lower right side. When you click on it, you will be taken to a different scene. The great thing about this is that I tried to see how many hints I could earn and at one time, I got all the way up to 26 of them.When you’re in those scenes, all you have to do is find 10 hidden "? • The only thing about the hints is that they only help you find fragmented pieces. AMULETS • In each scene there are a certain amount of amulets that you must find.• There’s a progress bar that lets you know how far you are from completing that chapter.That bar is located on the top right side of the scene, underneath the gold coins.Check out our strategy guide for Magic Encyclopedia: First Story.GENERAL INFO • Using your cursor correctly can be very important since the tip of the cursor has to land on the object you’re clicking.You can tell how many amulets need to be found in a couple of different ways.• When you’re on the main map, you can click on a location and it will tell you how many amulets you need to find in the blue box below.

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• There’s no time limit in the game, except when you do special puzzles, like constellations, puzzles, mini games etc.

• If you’re in a particular scene, you can click on the box of amulets that’s on the bottom right side and it will tell you on top how many amulets are left to find in a scene.

The number of amulets will show up on top of the page.

There is a big red gem on top, the crystal you need to pick up is the one that is on the pole, just below the large red gem.

• The crystal will activate the Repair Artifact so the hammer can go into the inventory box that is on the right side of the page.

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