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Mr Hope left 15 months later, along with the girls, who were finally accommodated into the old building of the Staatsmeisjesschool.By October 10, 1902, the school opened as Pretoria High School for Girls.

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It is the sister school to Pretoria Boys High School.The primary school continued to occupy the Staatsmeisjesskool premises and is today known as Hamilton School.During the 2nd World War, the school served the community by supplying items to the needy.Girls learn traditional subjects like home economics, biology, mathematics, science, history and art.They also may learn 'life skills' like knitting, wood shop and car mechanics.Currently, Girls High is a school with a diverse body of students of all races and nationalities.It is the aim of the School to produce well educated, balanced young women, who are adaptable, creative and independent, have integrity, social responsibility and respect, in an environment of inclusion and equality.It was voted by the Pretoria News as the best high school in Pretoria.In 1936, the school's coat of arms was registered with the Department of the Interior as a "badge" under the Protection of Names, Uniforms and Badges Act 1935.The school hoped to finally, legally realize its multi-racial dimension in its charter (" earnest hope that here girls of different races and different denominations might meet") as apartheid began to be dismantled.The first black pupil was admitted to Girls High in 1990 and was the daughter of a Malawian diplomat, SP Kachipande.

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