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The commonj Work Manager is common for Web Sphere and Web Logic as well as others More info here And here Also somewhat duplicates this one from this morning UPDATE: Please note that this question and answer relate to the state of Java EE in 2009, things have improved since then!The enterprise bean must not attempt to manage threads.These can then do whatever maintainance tasks you need to do. But be careful, the bean scopes I've never read that it's discouraged, except from the fact that it's not easy to do correctly.It is fairly low-level programming, and like other low-level techniques you ought to have a good reason.Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age.

Serial numbers on Singer sewing machines manufactured prior to 1900 are numbers only.The reason is that EJBs are meant to operate in a distributed environment.An EJB might be moved from one machine in a cluster to another.One of the first things I've learned about Java EE development is that I shouldn't spawn my own threads inside a Java EE container.But when I come to think about it, I don't know the reason. I am sure most enterprise applications need some kind of asynchronous jobs like mail daemons, idle sessions, cleanup jobs etc.The enterprise bean must not attempt to start, stop, suspend, or resume a thread, or to change a thread’s priority or name.The enterprise bean must not attempt to manage thread groups.What this means, is that you cannot get an Initial Context and do JNDI lookups to access other system resources such as JMS Connection Factories and Datasources.There are ways to do this "correctly", but it is dependent on the platform being used.So, if indeed one shouldn't spawn threads, what is the correct way to do it when needed?It is discouraged because all resources within the environment are meant to be managed, and potentially monitored, by the server.

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