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Indeed, the increasing number of listings re Doxford built vessels has already required a 2nd, 3rd & 4th pages - pages 053, 054 & 055. It is clear that the vessel travelled much of the world - ports mentioned in such newspapers are Adelaide, African coast, Antwerp, Astoria, Durban, Mediterranean, Newchang (China), New York, Pensacola, San Francisco & Vancouver. 12, 1900, during a voyage in ballast, Captain Iliff in command, from Nagasaki, Japan, to Puget Sound, Washington, U. A., under charter to Pacific Export Lumber Company, the vessel lost a propeller & anchored near the Umatilla lightship. The newspaper references are 'difficult' but you can read a summation here:- 3. Corrections in any of the material which follows, WILLIAM DOXFORD (1840/1875? /1890)WILLIAM DOXFORD AND SONS LIMITED (1891/1957)WILLIAM DOXFORD & SONS (SHIPBUILDERS) LIMITED (1957/ )(OF COX GREEN, THEN PALLION, SUNDERLAND) There would seem to be quite a lot of it! As times goes by, more & more old newspapers become WWW available. The result of these elaborate extensions was that in the next three years, 1905, 1906, and 1907, the output was 87,000 tons, 106,000 tons and 92,000 tons. Listed essentially as follows: 'PATENT SPECIFICATION No. Including some wonderful images - see 'Gallery', via the links above. ) that details about a few Doxford patents are WWW available - you can find them by inserting 'Charles David Doxford patent' into a Google search box. The years 19 found Doxfords with the highest production of any yard in the world, and 1906 was practically a ship a fortnight, which was an achievement only surpassed many years afterwards.' The City of Sunderland advises us (a 'pdf' file) that 'In 1904 the East Yard was built, and the 3 extra berths helped Doxford's to win the blue riband in 19 for the highest production rate in the world.' The webmaster had thought that the term 'blue riband' was reserved for the vessel which achieved the fastest passage between Europe & North America - but it would seem that the term had other usages. It would have been good to have been able to include the document on site. Marine engine building had commenced at Doxfords in 1878, but I read that in 1909 the first prototype of the Doxford Marine Diesel Engine, an opposed piston, airless injection oil engine, was built, design work having commenced some three years earlier. The Doxford family ownership connection with the yard & engine works ceased in January 1919, I read, when the company was sold to the Northumberland Shipbuilding Company (the only vessel I have so far seen referenced to 'Northumberland' is Success built 1919.

Mainly from that first website we learn that William Theodore Doxford (1841-1916) & his brother Alfred (1842-1895) joined their father in the shipbuilding business & that both were partners by 1875.

To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term. the officers' quarters are superior to those in most ocean liners, They are fitted up in bird's-eye maple and mahogany and, instead of stoves, have dainty fireplaces inclosed in handsome tile work.

It moved its facilities downstream on the River Wear to Pallion in 1857. She did, however, raise the general alarm as to Elm Branch's predicament. It was a 'Puget Sound Tugboat Company' tug however, Tyee I believe, one of two tugs (Tacoma was the other) that attended the scene, that brought Elm Branch safely to Seattle, being later awarded ,500 for her efforts by a Seattle court. 1919 the vessel was sold to to Polish-American Navigation Corp.', of New York, & renamed Wisla. Borrowstounness, Firth of Forth, Scotland, to be broken up.

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