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For those looking to follow his advice later that evening, fans are encouraged to sign-up for a speed-dating session hosted by Ward immediately after the game.

As part of the Sixers “Stay Late” promotion in the AT&T Pavilion, which includes food and beer specials, Ward will officiate a speed-dating session just as he does as host of Tough Love.

Independently published, paperback, 02 November 2017. Created in 1922, and after ten stories finally seeing print in hardcovers in 1925, Richard Verrill is a successful mystery writer who steals for the fun of it, for the challenge, the chase, and the adrenaline.

But, as William Vivian Butler said in his study of gentleman adventures and cracksmen, , Richard Verrill has a good claim on being the most durable desperado of them all.

As for that name, Blackshirt, it has nothing to do with politics.

Like most Philly natives, Ward tells it like it is.She never makes an appearance and Blackshirt never reforms.He’s a cracksman, more of a professional than before, still wired for action, but not immune to profit either.Now he is a highly successful mystery writer as well, and having never met his mother, there is no son and no Earldom.There it is, a popular and well written series, that runs until 1969 and only really ends because writing as Roderic Jeffries, Roderic Graeme had bigger fish to fry, namely the popular Inspector Alvarez mysteries (which unlike Blackshirt, did see publication here). Tropez before heading back to England for a friend’s wedding when he decides to try his hand at the casino, where he meets an attractive lady.After graduating from Drexel University in his hometown of Philadelphia, Ward joined forces with his mother, Jo Ann Ward, to take her matchmaking business to the next level.In addition to emerging as a Master Matchmakers® in his own right, Ward is the centerpiece of the VH1 reality show, Tough Love, produced by Drew Barrymore's Flower Films and High Noon Entertainment.And we are at last where we began, with Richard Verrill about to become reacquainted with a woman named Janet in the third of the new series. In her company he wins big, and walking back with her to her hotel she and her accomplices mug him.The French police are not sympathetic: “I was not going home with her, I was escorting her to her hotel. Then, “Pierre, call the doctor at once.” He misses the wedding, and shortly, still in St.Things move fast, but then they always do when Blackshirt is around.The style is clipped, terse, always moving, the characters are believable, if only just, and the mood is light and playful with just enough of an edge to keep pages turning well into the night. Verrill, or at least this incarnation of him, you owe it to yourself to do so, with the twists coming right down to the last line of the final page.

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