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December 29, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA – What do Philly fans and the VH1 reality show host Steve Ward have in common?Like most Philly natives, Ward tells it like it is.She never makes an appearance and Blackshirt never reforms.He’s a cracksman, more of a professional than before, still wired for action, but not immune to profit either.Things move fast, but then they always do when Blackshirt is around.The style is clipped, terse, always moving, the characters are believable, if only just, and the mood is light and playful with just enough of an edge to keep pages turning well into the night. Verrill, or at least this incarnation of him, you owe it to yourself to do so, with the twists coming right down to the last line of the final page.Come 1939 it occurred to Graeme, that Blackshirt was getting a bit long in the tooth.

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In addition, Ward will choose a male and female winner who he believes has exemplified his dating advice during the session to win a Stay In/Go Out Date night prize package.

For those looking to follow his advice later that evening, fans are encouraged to sign-up for a speed-dating session hosted by Ward immediately after the game.

As part of the Sixers “Stay Late” promotion in the AT&T Pavilion, which includes food and beer specials, Ward will officiate a speed-dating session just as he does as host of Tough Love.

By that time England was in the war, and Graeme felt gentleman adventuring was a bit out of tune with the times, so Anthony’s adventures, written during the war, take place after the war ended, and to confuse things even more RAF ace Anthony discovers his father was in reality an Earl (with a Dickensian childhood), so Anthony is Lord Blackshirt. They did, and in early 1951 approached Graeme about bringing Blackshirt back in a more modern form.

Graeme had even less interest in the character than he had in 1939, but he did have a 25 year old son, Roderic, who could write and thus Richard Verrill is once again prowling the night in black dress shirt and hood.

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