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If you are in a situation where you cannot talk on the phone but you must communicate with him, go ahead and send another text — just don’t mention the first one.Under no circumstances should you send him a third message if he has not responded to your first two texts.You should text only to convey an important piece of information or to make a specific request that can be answered with one sentence.

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It is too easy for a text message to be misinterpreted or misunderstood.Ward is an expert on love, dating and relationships, whose services also includes coaching. It doesn't have to be someone you know well, he or she could be a coffee shop regular who you are curious about, someone you are always in the elevator with at work or a gym regular on your same schedule.Once you establish who you want to go for, the hardest part is that you probably don’t know much about him or her.Men don’t trust other men, and any interaction they see between you and other men will be threatening on some level.They may not feel that guys you are talking to online are a direct threat to your connection, but they may feel that you are keeping your options open, playing the field, or trying to make them jealous.It’s not creepy if it is something so casual and to the point. So what kind of date do you pick when you don’t know him or her so well?"The goal is to be able to chat and get to know each other better.Whether you are nursing a breakup or have been single for a while, there is never a bad time to work up the courage to ask out a crush!According to the CEO of Master Matchmakers, Steven Ward, there is nothing wrong with asking out a stranger who has caught your eye.If you know your crush likes being active, Ward suggests a walk through a promenade, along a boardwalk, through a street festival, park, or museum. Watch Bravo’s new digital series, Secret Crush, to see what happens when real people reveal their secret crushes — will they fall in love … Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.If you are feeling in the mood for a romantic dinner, one of Ward’s top suggestions is picking a spot that is "a well-reviewed, locally renowned restaurant." No matter which option you choose, "just putting thought into where you’re taking someone shows you care." If all else fails, there is no shame in the matchmaker game.

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