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The primary method used to assess the left ventricle is steady state free precession (SSFP) technique at 1.5 Tesla.

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To date however, no studies have presented normal data at 3 Tesla.

The derived cardiac volumes and ventricular mass are known to differ for SSFP and FGRE CMR, so that normal ranges are different for each method [The majority of software approaches use a combination of semi-automated feature recognition combined with manual correction of contours.

Short-axis images are most commonly analyzed on a per-slice bases by applying the Simpson’s method (“stack of disks”) [ Multiple studies have presented cohorts of normal individuals for determining normal dimensions of the left ventricle.

Information on ethnicity in relationship to LV parameters is not available for SSFP technique. For diastolic function, the derivative of the time/ volume filling curve expresses the peak filling rate (PFR).

Both early (E) and active (A) filling rates are provided.

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