Symantec 10 not updating defs registration liquidating partner aspx

FIX ID: 3707721 Symptom: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager sends out more than one "Risk Outbreak" email notification for each risk detection.

Solution: The management console now only sends one "Risk Outbreak" email notification per corresponding risk detection.

FIX ID: 3715517 Symptom: Administrator-defined weekly scheduled scans get suspended within 1-2 minutes of starting or resuming them.

Solution: Cleared registry entries from previous scan type after a change to an administrator-defined scan, so that the correct suspend time is returned correctly.

FIX ID: 3743115 Symptom: After replication completes, revision data for IPS, Download Protection, and SONAR definitions report as "Not available" in the Symantec Endpoint Protect Manager console.

Solution: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager now correctly reports IPS, Download Protection, and SONAR definition information after replication.

FIX ID: 3778957 Symptom: The option Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection from the Symantec Endpoint Protection notification area icon is grayed out and unavailable.

The policy indicates you should be able to disable Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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FIX ID: 3784549 Symptom: The following message appears in the system log when the Symantec Endpoint Protection client scans an empty folder: "Reputation check timed out during unproven file evaluation." Solution: When there are no items to scan in a folder, the Symantec Endpoint Protection client now considers the scan successful and does not log an error message.

FIX ID: 3719323 Symptom: There are orphaned rows present in the ALERTS/ANOMALY_REMEDIATION/ANOMALYREMEDIATIONS tables, despite a retention limit of 60 days.

Solution: The agent sweeping task now sweeps orphaned entries from these tables.

An exception is thrown to notify the administrator and to prevent corrupt fingerprint lists from being allowed into the database.

FIX ID: 3712302 Symptom: The risk names associated with heuristic threats detected by SONAR do not display properly in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager logs.

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