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This book provides a bird's eye view of just how much techno-relating has permeated our lives. *What an entertaining, refreshing, and thought-provoking read!This book provides a bird's eye view of just how much techno-relating has permeated our lives. how do you figure out an appropriate "handle" for IM or a profile on a dating site? We don’t have time to spell it all out, and if we do make the effort, our audience had better be captive and worth it. We want guys to appreciate us, to listen to us, to just fucking get it—without having to hold their hands as we explain every thought and feeling.And how can you gauge his feelings without seeing his body language or even hearing his voice? In The Joy of Text, real-life cyber-Cyrano Kristina Grish establishes hard and fast rules to help modern women navigate their love lives via technology; offers invaluable tips on how to analyze text, timing, and tone; and provides advice on etiquette in an age when the handwritten thank-you note is all but obsolete. Kristina Grish is the author of three books, including Simon Spotlight Entertainment's Boy Vey! She's currently a contributing editor to Marie Claire and has written for Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Teen Vogue, Outside, and Vibe, among others. You’re the one in control of how you techno-relate with others.

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04: Type the Talk 05: Modern Is Not to Be Confused with Sociopathic 06: Hacked, Busted, and Back for More 07: CNTRL Z! (Or Simply, Damage Control) 08: Maintenance and Updates 09: Save As …

Designed by Steve Kennedy Manufactured in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Grish, Kristina. Language is a very powerful force, and when we techno-relate with others, we have the privilege of manipulating it to our advantage.

And as life zooms by, a single girl’s revolving-door relationships become the norm—which makes the whole deal more complicated than we’d like. Our own schedules make it tricky for us to effectively reach a soul mate’s heart.

How can you accurately judge a guy's potential when all you have to go on is his punctuation? Pair this with scientific data that says men and women speak different dating languages, and our search for a real connection feels more like we’re all playing grab-ass in the dark.

What's the best way to maintain your witty, sassy rapport once you've decided to leave the safety of techno-anonymity and take your relationship off-line? Thank Cupid that the Technology Gods have rescued us from mucked-up love lives by inventing so many new ways to help us share what we mean, feel, and want! Email, text messages, PDAs, and instant messages intend to better bond our randy global village—and in many cases, they’ve been successful.

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  1. Check whether parental controls are set as default on your child's mobile - if not, ask for them to be switched on. Chat rooms provided by your child's mobile operator or its partners which do not have 18 age-restrictions must be moderated.