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There is no wrong way to express who you really are to who you like.When we remember that dating is nothing more than two individuals mutually interested in seeing where a shared attraction may go, we won’t put so much pressure on the itsy bitsy problems, and we’ll feel freer to be completely ourselves.Or when, because I deduced something from what he said in a text, he asked me if I had googled it (I hadn't). What is waiting for a spark to develop and what is the gut feeling you shouldn't ignore? Just ask yourself if you'd be excited to see him again, indifferent, or if you'd actually dread it. The way I look at it, if I don't care for it today, how am I going to feel about it in 10-15 years when there's a ton of other stuff going on in life just in general. You must have googled it" without any sense of sarcasm or trying to jokingly jab you.I wouldn't be discussing your previous marriages on a first date! What you are willing to accept and put up with today as an annoyance, becomes much bigger the longer it is an annoyance. First one can be taken as trying to be funny , second is rude.These questions and uncertainties that arise in our dating lives can be traced back to our abandonment of self.What to do after getting her number, what to wear on the first date, or whether to tell your best friend you’re in love with her should not be predicated on anything other than what’s burning inside of you.

He says he just finished building his dream house in a very exclusive part of Dallas, when he met and fell in love with a woman not willing to live in Dallas. " I don't know; pick from one of the 100,000 available women in the greater Dallas/Ft. (Check it out at and on i Tunes) As luck would have it, the woman I'm engaged to, Pamela Georgette, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Here's what she had to say about trusting your gut: This "gut feeling" or intuition actually has physiological basis.This is really different, because I'm really looking forward to seeing him, learning more about him, doing stuff together etc.I guess what I'm saying is that if you don't feel like you cannot wait to see him again, he's probably not the right one for you. Why should you have to suppress how you feel or be judged because of it?Why should you have to hide who you are or be in fear that what you find interesting is offensive? That's where I got the idea to do a podcast; interview people about their worst relationships. That's when I knew I wasn't the only one with a broken picker. It didn't seem to matter if you were a man or woman, what your sexual orientation or race was; the answer was the same: our pickers were broken. There's a month/a year/ half my life I'll never get back" story. I was married for almost nine years to a good woman and we tried. After my divorce, I spent a couple of years lost, hurt and confused.However, we are socially conditioned from an early age to utilize reason rather than trusting our gut, especially if there is enough time to analyze the situation. Nature has given us our gut feeling as an important tool for survival. Becoming conscious of when your intuition is right will give you the proof you need to build that trust. I asked him when he knew the marriage wasn't going to work. I'm a comedian, she's a therapist and this will be the second marriage for both of us. They are communicating in the subconscious and sending information to our conscious.

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