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With their coins they can buy items to decorate their homes, referred to as "cribs" in the game.

Users progress through the game as they collect different figures.

Attempts by The Police to infiltrate these clubs, undercover jobs known as sting operations, have yet to synch up. Nectar's name originates from the word "nectar" itself.

Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by flowers to attract pollinating animals.

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A bruised wing or broken antenna is a common sight at Honey Hive Towers; but as long as workers show-up every day, productive and happy, Queen Roxy supports the number one rule of Pain Club: You don't talk about Pain Club. It was created in 2007 until discontinuation of the toys in the United States in 2010. Funkeys was a personal computer game and collectible figure set created by Mattel.My daughter then spent about 30 minutes playing with them before being reminded that it was well past her bedtime.YMMV - John Hey, How did you install without the driver. Running xubuntu 8.04 with wine 1.1.20 (newest available today) and the funkeys program disk will auto run but gets part way through, throws an error message, and ends.For this to work I need wine to recognize it, and i need it recognized for the installation. I'd recommend the UBFunkeys but it requires Windows currently. This time, I decided to make a brute force attempt.On the kids machine, i have installed win2k running under Virtual Box.There is this new toy out I am trying to install, named Funkeys. I'm sure if you want, you can send some feedback asking for Linux support. At the time, I tried to get it to run under wine, but finally gave up.It requires a USB thingamajig that you put the funkeys into. I've seen what the games are like and the idea is quite cool. Today, my son got another Funkey for his birthday, so i decided to try it again.There are many portals to go through: Kelpy Basin, Magma Gorge, Laputta Station, Funkiki Island, Daydream Oasis, Nightmare Rift, Royalton Raceway, Hidden Realm, and Paradox Green.In order to use a portal, you had to use a Funkey with a game room in the given location.

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