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Diving, systematic underwater excavation methods, the use of AUVs and ROVs, and geophysical surveying, are common practices on offshore sites.These sites are usually less exposed to human activity and thereby better preserved.The constraints set by Muckleroy were too restrictive, however, and thereafter challenged by several maritime archaeologists such as Sean Mc Grail.During the last twenty years, there has been a significant change in the breadth of maritime archaeology and shift away from a pure focus on shipwreck sites in a maritime context.For the first time professional archaeological methodologies were employed underwater by maritime archaeologists, setting standards for future generations that we continue to build on today.

Submerged ancient land surfaces were also left out.

Cousteau’s diver Fredrick Dumas made sure that diving was conducted to a high standard and further archaeological support was afforded by Honor Frost.

The site was thoroughly mapped and a photo mosaic of the site was produced.

Mycenaean merchants are present and some personal items such as an oil lamp, hint at individual traders on board including Cypriot, Canaanite and possibly Egyptian crewmen.

The excavations at Cape Gelidonya all those decades ago provided a benchmark.

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