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Any practical implementation will deviate from the ideal mathematical model by some amount.

In fact, this deviation from ideal may be substantial and yet yield a system with acceptable performance.

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One of the disadvantages of such systems is that they require standard telephone lines in order to properly operate. 09/332,503, entitled, “Wide Area Time Domain Radar Array” both filed on Jun.

In the drawings, like reference nunts indicate identical or functionally similar elements. 1A illustrates a representative Gaussian Monocycle waveform in the time domain; FIG. In impulse radio communications, the pulse-to-pulse interval can be varied on a pulse-by-pulse basis by two components: an information component and a code component.

1B illustrates the frequency domain amplitude of the Gaussian Monocycle of FIG. 2A illustrates a pulse train comprising pulses as in FIG. 2B illustrates the frequency domain amplitude of the waveform of FIG. 3 illustrates the frequency domain amplitude of a sequence of time coded pulses; FIG. Generally, conventional spread spectrum systems employ codes to spread the normally narrow band information signal over a relatively wide band of frequencies.

4 illustrates a typical received signal and interference signal; FIG. A second generation of impulse radio patents includes U. A conventional spread spectrum receiver correlates these signals to retrieve the original information signal.

5A illustrates a typical geometrical configuration giving rise to muitipath received signals; FIG. Unlike conventional spread spectrum systems, in impulse radio communications codes are not needed for energy spreading because the monocycle pulses themselves have an inherently wide bandwidth.

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