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If you are filing for initial DACA, you may continue to file using the current form until the new version is available (See below for additional information).

To help prepare the public for the anticipated process to request a renewal of DACA from USCIS, we have created an outline found below.

The download is around 30GB, which I copied to a newly formatted (ex FAT) 64GB USB Data Traveller stick, plugged it into the centre console and went into the Sat Nav settings when you select the current version it prompts to say there is a newer version available on USB media, and asks you if you wish to update it.

When you click the acknowledge, it then starts to copy the data (you may need to power off / power on the engine before the data copy starts): Then, Once completed: *** Please note: I did this with the engine running, taking the car for a drive once the update started until the update completed. *** Now my Sat-Nav Map Data shows: Road Map EUROPE 2017-2: Rgds MJ Having trouble in that it seems that the new version is not being found on the USB stick.

MJI was driving from Devon to Bristol the other week and half way through the journey I get a message on the i Drive screen that there is an update available for the navigation system.

I selected to continue with the update, as it warns that the navigation system needs to be restarted if I choose to start the update. I was getting unzip0077 error when trying to extract maps onto a USB memory using BMW Download Manager although using FAT32 file system.

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We have renamed the pre-patch compatibility tag for Legion.

However, if you received DACA from ICE instead of USCIS, please read the ICE-Granted DACA Renewal Guidance.

Submit your DACA renewal request package approximately 120 days (or 4 months) before your current period of DACA expires.

I assumed that you unpacked the download on your Mac/PC.

After doing that I see a folder named "Road_Map_EUROPE_EVO_2017-3".

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