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Update for DACA Renewals April 9, 2014 In September 2012, USCIS started deferring action for certain childhood arrivals and issuing employment authorization for a period of two years.

Beginning in September 2014, the initial two-year grants of deferred action for early recipients of DACA from USCIS are due to expire under their own terms, and USCIS is actively preparing for the DACA renewal process so that eligible individuals can request and receive an extension of their deferred action without experiencing any lapse in their lawful presence or work authorization.

It’s also a good time to check out our update API and integrate uploading to Wo WInterface in your release scripts.

Those coming back to Wo W and have questions about Legion Add On changes please feel free to post in our forums or join the party in IRC.

This is also the date that your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) expires.

While USCIS will continue to accept filings after this date, it will not accept requests made earlier than 150 days (or 5 months) before that expiration date.

For info the current Version information shows : Road Map EUROPE EVO 2016-2 NBTevo_L17163l then: Automatic map update: GB, IE 2017-3 I downloaded the zip on Windows 7 laptop, extracted the files onto newly formatted 64GB USB Stick , left the structure as is and the file structure looks like: and within the folder named 1 - Hope this is helps.The forthcoming version of Form I-821D will be dual-use for both initial and renewal filers and will contain modified questions pertaining to each situation.The draft form is currently going through the Federal Register public comment process and is not yet available for use.Hi All, I'm just making people aware there is updated European map data available for our Sat Nav's, albeit you need to locate it and download it from the Interweb.My car came with Sat Nav map data NBT EVO version 2017-1 from new, although its set to auto update the car has never auto updated automatically.Update all of your Add Ons from Wo WInterface with a single button click and even enable automatic updating.We have renamed the pre-patch compatibility tag for Legion.I assumed that you unpacked the download on your Mac/PC.After doing that I see a folder named "Road_Map_EUROPE_EVO_2017-3".In late May 2014, USCIS anticipates publishing a new dual-use Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, to allow for both initial and renewal requests, and updating Frequently Asked Questions with additional information.If you received DACA from USCIS and will seek to renew, you must wait until USCIS publishes the new form before filing your renewal request.

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