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In fact, we can safely say that all three of the bikes in this story wear out regulator/rectifiers with the regularity of clutch plates.

That glut preceded a slump in motorcycle sales through the early 1990s that started to lift when the Japanese got back to what they did best: building bikes with mind-blowing performance-per-dollar.

Allow me to get all Kevin Cameron on you for a second and make an aircraft-engineering analogy.

By 1945 or so, piston-engine aircraft had reached a high point in development, bumping up to the 500-mph mark in level flight.

The fabulously expensive and complex powerplants—which could make more than 2500 horsepower—did it with all the stuff any gas-burning gearhead will recognize: fuel-injection, supercharging and advanced metallurgy.

But even though piston-engine planes did make slight gains (a modified WWII-era F8F Bearcat fighter plane set the level-flight record in 1989: 528 mph), the piston-engine airplane, c.

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