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1945, was about as good as it would ever get, despite almost every single aeronautical engineer on the planet trying to make it better. At some point, between 19, piston-engined sportbikes may very well have hit their high point, despite many millions of dollars of development since. Back in the day, to avoid high-sides, low-sides and skidding, you had to actually know how to ride.Sure, 2013’s crop of superbikes is faster, lighter, and easier to ride, but by how much? There is a lot of 10-year-old stuff in the -5000 range, but what is the best value for those seeking an expert-level sportbike for trackday or street duty?It was overshadowed by not only the genuine 150-plus horsepower GSX-R1000, but Honda’s own RC-51 Twin.

Outside a World Superbike paddock those kinds of numbers were unimaginable just 10 years earlier.

The fabulously expensive and complex powerplants—which could make more than 2500 horsepower—did it with all the stuff any gas-burning gearhead will recognize: fuel-injection, supercharging and advanced metallurgy.

But even though piston-engine planes did make slight gains (a modified WWII-era F8F Bearcat fighter plane set the level-flight record in 1989: 528 mph), the piston-engine airplane, c.

The 929 and 954 make “a great vanilla sportbike choice,” according to one owner.

YEARS BUILT: 2000-2001 (929) 2002-2003(954) KBB RETAIL VALUE: 95-55 MAD MEN SEXY-SCALE RATING: Peggy Olsen without support garments, or Roger Sterling pre-midafternoon vodka The GSX-R series is the AK-47 of club roadracing.

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