Validating a pmp certification

Else , try to figure out if he/she is purposefully doing it.

Management gave responsibility to newly appointed team lead to guide me. Spend time reading testing related blogs, see what experts have to say, evaluate some free tools.

So when you go for a job change make sure you have something really challenging testing work to do there” I know many fellow testers will not agree to this, but I do felt it correct that time. I have worked on web based application and presently working on a search engine. Hope I have answered your query, if further you have any doubts.

Regards, Suhas M Jaishri K S Thanks for your valuable response.

dheeraj I want to know what are the pionts which you should mention at the time of KRA how you should present your work at that time. And also explain about loans & cards in financial services to do testing with example please. Manisha Nayar From where i can get CSTE Examination Material and what all languages you should now if you want to excell in web or BFSI domain as its not possible to know all languages so which is in more demand as per that if you can guide me.

It will be my 1st KRA so i am completly unaware about that. Planning to shift my job, can you tell me how shall i prepare my resume in such a way i can show case myself technically well kavitha can anyone tell me the difference between snoke testing and sanity testing with example kavitha can anyone explain V-Model in detailt sashi I’m, MBA(03-05) passed out worked as a management trainee(got through campus interview) in a private bank for one yr,and promoted as CRM (customer relationship manager) so totally i have 1yr and 6 months exp in banking. Mr Roberts I have got 10 years experience in system testing and now I have new role as a Defect Manager, Could you tell me what’s the defect manger’s responsibilities/accountabilities please. Because some people says u should know JAVA for automation, SQL to know about database so what all because its difficult to just keep learning after a certain time so just guide me regarding same .

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