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Federal and provincial legislation protects an employee’s right to take a maternity leave and outlines the employer’s role in the administration of benefits during such a leave.

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refers to the supplemental wage-loss benefit support paid to only teachers and principals of the CISVA, by the local school as the difference between the Employment Insurance payable and 75% of gross salary.Our experienced Family Advisors will assist you in all the details in choosing the perfect resting place and memorial for your loved one.Pricing starts at ,125 A mausoleum is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chambers for deceased people.Employment Insurance (EI) allows qualified claimants to receive up to 15 weeks of maternity benefits and 35 weeks of parental benefits at 55% of their insurable earnings to a maximum of 3/week (2017).Labour standards legislation provides minimum entitlements for employees on maternity leave and states that an employee is entitled to an unpaid maternity leave.Traditional ground burials have long been honored forms of memorialization.At Gardens of Gethsemani, we provide traditional ground burial options that allow you to express and honor a life lived.Parental benefits are payable either to the biological or adoptive parents while they are caring for a new-born or an adopted child, up to a maximum of 35 weeks.To receive parental benefits you are required to have worked for 600 hours in the last 52 weeks or since your last claim.Claimants making application for parental benefits must provide the name and Social Insurance Number (SIN) of the other parent for cross-reference purposes.Parental benefits for biological parents and their spouses are payable from the child’s birth date and for adoptive parents and their spouses from the date the child is placed with you.

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