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You should apply as soon as you stop working, even if you receive or will receive money when you become unemployed.

You must request your Record of Employment (ROE) from your last employer.

Maternity benefits can be collected within 17 weeks of the actual or expected week of birth, whichever is later.

Please note that the date you file your claim is very important in order for you to receive the maximum maternity benefits you are entitled to.

Parental benefits are only available within the 52 weeks following the child’s birth, or for adoptive parents, within the 52 weeks from the date the child is placed with you, unless your child is hospitalized.

Labour standards legislation provides minimum entitlements for employees on maternity leave and states that an employee is entitled to an unpaid maternity leave.

You must sign a statement declaring the newborn’s date of birth, or, when there is an adoption, the child’s date of placement for the purpose of the adoption, and the name and address of the adoption authority.

Parental benefits can be claimed by one parent or shared between the two partners but will not exceed a combined maximum of 35 weeks.

If you are unsure about your most advantageous maternity period to receive maximum benefits, please contact EI.

If the actual date of birth is different from the expected date of birth, it is very important that you provide this date as soon as possible after the birth of your child.

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